Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You Can Leave...If You Want To Leave...But I Won't Follow...Just So You Know

I feel that I need to need to explain some things before I continue posting. Something is telling me in my heart that I need to share more than just the superficial things that are occurring on a day to day basis in my new life.

First of all, I must explain the title of this blog a little further. Some have interpreted it as being a declaration of my distaste for actually working or being gainfully employed. This is the farthest from the truth as I am constantly working, just not in the same way that I guess would fit into what is considered a traditional societal norm. It is not that I feel that I am too good to work at at restaurant, pick up trash or even answer phones for some executive officer. I have done all of these types of jobs in the past so they are in no way beneath me. However, having said that...I have been there and done that and for someone who is a self proclaimed creative junkie...I just can't do it any more. My good friend Eric, who is also the creative type once put this type of personality very nicely when describing himself. "I just don't follow rules very well," he said. I am the same way and do things on my own whether they are the best decisions or the worst decisions. They are indeed my own triumph or demise to experience and no one else. I understand that this is hard for many to understand and normally would not attempt to explain myself, however, I thought that it would be fitting to do it this one time.

Okay...enough of my disclaimer for now.

It is now nearing the Holiday and for whatever holiday you are celebrating this time of year, I wish you the best. Today I took a train further North to stay with a friend and his wife for the next few days. They have graciously opened up their home to me and included me in their family tradition this holiday. While I don't celebrate any holiday religious or otherwise, they have included me as one of their own. I am actually at a loss for words when it comes to describing the feelings that I am having regarding their generosity. I know that they understand how grateful I am to be able to spend these cold few days with others rather than by spending it all alone.

I'm tired from all of the traveling and new surroundings, however, tonight...I am going to enjoy the beautiful Christmas tree in front of me, good friends, and good food and bring in the new year just right. I'm thankful. Peace and love.

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