Thursday, December 24, 2009


For those that know me well, they know that I don't really celebrate the holidays. I don't dislike them, I have nothing against them and I have very fond memories, especially of Christmas when I was young. However, for some reason over the years family members became emotionally distant and geographically further away from each other. Eventually Christmas and Thanksgiving seemed just like any other day for me and for the most part I am honestly okay with this. But, there are some times when I do miss the merry-merry and the warm holiday spirit because I often don't feel like I have anyone to really share it with. These feelings are rare though and usually happen when I see the families and couples ice-skating in Union Square or the snow flake Christmas lights on lamp posts downtown. I usually snap out of it though when it becomes impossible to walk down the sidewalk congested with cranky, pushy touristy shoppers.

But this year is different for me thanks to a dear old friend and his wife and family. I mentioned early that they had opened up their home to me back in my old home town but I had no idea how much comfort it would bring to me. I am truly thankful for every little thing that I have experienced thus far and I hope that they know this. I wish that I could give them all great, big, expensive gifts.


This evening, I am watching over their house as they head over to their mom's to get ready to open the morning presents. I am sitting in the living room, admiring their amazingly decorated tree and watching my all time favorite movie Swingers. I feel loved, content, warm and all merry-merry again. I couldn't think of a more perfect way for me to spend the evening tonight. I hope to get some personal writing done as I have been in survival mode for too long lately to progress on any of my projects. I feel hopeful tonight and I am going to let that feeling dwell in my heart and my mind for as long as I can.

To all of my friends: whatever holiday or tradition you are celebrating or not celebrating...I wish you the best as well as a happy new year. Peace and love. Om Om Om.

P.S. Their cat Tuggs is finally starting to warm up to me...maybe because she knows that I will be the one feeding her in the morning.

P.P.S. You're money.

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