Friday, December 25, 2009

All Hollowed Christmas Eve?

After a very enjoyable evening of writing and watching old movies on television while house sitting for my friends, Christmas Eve turned into Christmas morning and it was time for me to go to bed. Seems pretty normal right? Well, it is except for one aspect that I had completely forgotten about once I had brushed my teeth and climbed into bed. This house is not only inhabited by my friend and his wife but several other spirit world type entities. Now normally I would be skeptical about such phenomena, however, while staying her previously I have heard the noises. Some of their friends vowed never to sleep here alone because they feared a possible encounter.

I wasn't afraid because I was told to just ask them to let me sleep if they became too loud and that eventually they would go away for the night. But when I immediately got under the covers, the noises began. I thought that if I just waited it out until I fell asleep, they could make all of the noise that they wanted and it wouldn't matter because I would be in slumberland. Unfortunately, this didn't happen and they would not listen to my pleading to shut the hell up so that I could go to sleep.

Finally, after a few hours of waiting I eventually fell into a deep sleep but not deep enough as to prevent me from having some pretty vivid nightmares. My body began to heat up and I was perspiring heavily. In my dream I was brought back to sleeping on a bench in the city and while before I was cold this time I was incessantly hot. I was wearing a button up shirt that I had forgotten to change when I went to sleep and in my dream while trying to sleep on the bench I was so desperate to cool myself down that I ripped the buttons off my shirt just like the Incredible Hulk might have done in the movies and then pulled off the buttons on the cuffs as well until I was free. I felt a rush of cool air but kept the shirt close to me almost as if I was using it as a blanket, but in my mind, I told myself to keep it close or someone might steal it from me. Some time passed and I became more conscious and realized that I could feel softness beneath me and the bed became a reality. Once I knew that I was indeed laying in a bed and not on the bench, I slowly remembered where I was and then noticed that I wasn't wearing a shirt any longer...just like in my dream. I sat up immediately and turned on the light to inspect and sure enough, I had ripped every button off of my shirt rendering it virtually useless.

I'm not sure why I had such a vivid dream and why it brought me back to the streets when I was clearly in a nice, warm and comfy bed but it scared me. So between the spirit people making all kinds of noise and my strange reality-driven dream, my Christmas Eve was quite interesting. Luckily I was able to go back to sleep once the sun had come up and the ghostly guys went to sleep themselves. Now it is time for me to reflect, write and enjoy the nice weather and holiday cheer with the lights on.

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