Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Moon Rising

My last post was about the moon and new beginnings. Well I finally turned in my keys to the apartment that I called home for the last few years and walked away on my own new beginning. I couldn't see the moon tonight because I honestly wasn't looking for it. I was on a mission to find out where I would be sleeping for the night.

I am very grateful to one person in particular who came to my rescue when I was in need and helped me get a hotel for two nights in the SOMA district of San Francisco. I had no idea that this person, someone whom I would consider as close as my own sister would come out and help me in this way. She doesn't know how much this means to me so I hope that through my writing, she will understand.

The hotel isn't amazing but it has a private bath, a television and a desk where I can write when I am not out and about. So for now, I will work on my projects, enjoy the change of scenery, and continue the adventure.

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