Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here Ye Here Ye Here Ye

Good people of the Mission District of San Francisco. I am pleased to say that I have found you to be warm and accepting people. You have graciously let me into your homes without question. You have given me warmth and sustenance without even taking the time to think twice. For this, I have also embraced you as my own...

Okay, so that is a little dramatic, however, while walking the streets of this neighborhood I truly felt at home.

The other day, I wandered around the Mission for about 4 hours until I could no longer hold my backpack any longer. I needed to take rests almost every 20 minutes because my back was beginning to hurt so terribly that this was the only thing that I could possible do. However, while walking slow...mostly because my knees wouldn't allow me to move any faster, I noticed some of the most amazing artwork and culture that I have ever seen. The weather was cooperative and while tired, I was in high spirits. Here are some of the pieces that I stumbled upon while I was seemingly stumbling myself. One of the murals is of one of my most favorite San Francisco illustrators, Sirron Norris, nonchalantly placed upon the wall of a small market and liquor store. Tired and hungry I am, however the beauty that I am finding never ceases to fulfill and amaze me.

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