Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Temporary Next Move Proves to be a Little More Stable

The last couple of days have been somewhat uneventful but very reflective as well. The hostel that I stayed in for two nights wasn't ideal, but it wasn't bad either. The only problem was that I was on a completely different schedule than everyone else there and was staying there for completely different reasons. The Korean guys that were in the room the first night were kind enough, however, I had no idea that they had planned to leave the hostel permanently early the next morning. I didn't get much sleep due to excessive snoring and chatter the entire night so when I finally did get to sleep, I was brutally awoken by their hasty packing. They also had no concept of "quiet" voices when someone else was trying to sleep in their immediate vicinity. When they had finally finished and left the room, I couldn't understand why it was still so noisy. Turns out that they had left the door open and everyone else in the hostel were busy going about their business, all with perfect view of me lying in bed.

I then finally was able to fall asleep and it was good sleep, the kind where you dream in technicolor and feel completely at peace. That lasted only an hour or so though, when two very loud German guys came into the room to unpack, also with no concept of the "quiet" voice. I was so thankful when they finally left that I ended up sleeping until about noon before I felt completely rested.

For the most part, during my stay at the hostel I spent the days outside people watching and admiring the amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and of Alcatraz. There were so many people outside, walking, running biking, and playing with their dogs (Note to self...come new year, you are going to start jogging again). The Cypress trees remind me of my grandfather and for some reason I have a feeling that he would be proud if he knew about what I was doing and what I am going through. At least that is what I am going to think from now on.


After another sleepless night (turns out the Germans snored louder than the other guys) I made my way back towards my old neighborhood and moved what little belongs I have been carrying on my back into the living room of an apartment where I will be sharing with five other guys. It's not ideal, I don't have a bed, and it's way too crowded. But anything beats living on the streets and even this is much better than the hostel. I don't have to walkout side the room and down the hall to take a shower like the other place.

Tomorrow I am going to head back down to the Ferry Building where I had previously slept outside. But this time I am getting a train ticket to go up further North for a few days to stay with some old friends. To be honest, while I love this city and while she has been mostly good to me over the years...I am ready for a little break. I'll end this with the same phrase that another good friend ended her blog with the other day, "Peace and Happy Solstice!"

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