Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet and Sour

It's been interesting these last few days. I have begun to look at people differently. I'm listening differently, watching differently, understanding situations differently. I'm looking within myself carefully and with compassion at the same time.

Simple things are making me happy these days, more so than any other time in my life. I have always considered myself a simple person, not needing much at all to survive. however, when the sun came out yesterday as I was sitting on the pier and beat down on my back, warming me through and though, I was ecstatic and content.

My second day outdoors was longer than the day before. Mostly because it was the first full 24 hours that I spent on the street. I wanted night time to come so that I could go to my spot and rest. Because I didn't sleep much the night before I was nodding on and off all day and didn't want to be seen caught like that, just in case the five-oh wanted me to leave. That's how we say it on the streets ya'll, the five-oh. Okay, so I am kidding again. I'm just trying to sound tougher than I really am. Actually, I am surprised at how tough I have actually been during the course of these last few nights.

Finally darkness came and when the ferry building's clock tower rang 8:00 PM, I rushed as fast as I could towards my spot, the spot that I called my home the night before. But when I got there, much to my dismay it was taken by someone else! How dare he come into my home like this I thought. There was a possibility that he would leave so I went to another bench on the other side of the dock next to a couple snuggling together. It wasn't long before one of them proposed to the other and they ended up kissing and oohhhing and ahhhhing for at least an hour. I hated them. I wanted my old spot in the back from the night before.

Just then, a private security car came rushing up the driveway and the guard stormed out of his vehicle with nothing but a flashlight. But it was a big flashlight and he looked as if this tool gave him some authority and power and in some respects it did. He shined his light on me and looked me up and down but said nothing. Then he disappeared around the corner and kicked out the guy who was in my original spot. Eventually, he came back to me and with his big flashlight pointed in my face, he demanded that I leave before the hour was up.

So much for the familiarity of the previous night. I didn't know what to do. I was so tired from the night before and I didn't want to spend the night searching for a spot where I could sleep unseen and untouched. I crossed the Embarcadero slowly because my shoulders and feet were hurting terribly.

This is where I meet Moldavia and Rich. Moldavia is a quirky artist from Berkeley who has developed her own technique of making wool hats. She shows me her resume if you will, that boasts numerous celebrities who have purchased her hats. Anyone from Tupac and the Digital Underground to Woppie Goldberg are reported to own some of her work.

Rich is a fan of hers and knows her by walking in the park and chatting with her over the years. Both of them are complete opposites but both of them have interesting things to say about me. Moldavia gives me a spot on reading about my personality and wants to know what I am doing there on that night. Once I told her, she said that she completely understands and that she felt that I was on purpose. Rich is a little more scared for me though and gives me a bottle of pepper spray. He assures me that he has another one in the other pocket so I reluctantly take it and put it in my bag. Rich even offers to let me stay at his house and loan me his last two dollars, but I decline. For some reason he is still worried about me.

I was happy to talk to them, especially because it killed a few hours and was now almost midnight. I walked through the Hyatt's outdoor patio and into a large park that overlooked the four Embarcadero Center buildings and found a bench. There was someone else sleeping in the bushes about a 100 yards from me so I made sure to stay as far away as possible. Ideally, this bench was too out in the open but I was tired and decided that I would sleep sitting up for a while until I could figure out another location.

Needless to say, that never happened. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep and didn't wake up once until 6 AM. I noticed that I was so sound asleep that I actually had real dreams and I felt rested and good. I checked to make sure that all of my belongings were still with me and went back to sleep, not waking up until 9:30. This probably wasn't such a good idea but I needed the rest.

Today should be just as interesting as the last few and it is supposed to rain. I'm not sure what I am going to do about that one. Oh well...back to the streets. Peace!

P.S. Photo Descriptions: 1) the sun that made me so warm and happy 2) artist Moldavia showing off a hat 3) my view from the park bench that I finally ended up on for the night

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