Friday, January 8, 2010


I don't tweet...but if I tweeted...this would be my tweet. However mine is much much longer than the mere 140 characters that twitter allows.

"Slept way too long was dark when I woke up. Ate at McDonald's because it's all that I can afford. Checked my email, nothing but spam. Walked up and down Sutter Street in both directions not sure where I should be going. Got a call from Eric. Called Eric back. Went to Eunice's apartment to watch the football game and bitch about life. Overstayed my welcome at Eunice's. Went to get a slice. Ate my pesto slice while standing up. Thought about where to go next. Couldn't figure it out so I walked in circles on the corner of Hyde and Post. Started to look and feel crazy so I stopped. Walked to the Outsider and said hi to Mina but she was drunk so I left. Smoked a cig. Watched a trailer for a film that I was asked to review. Wrote a little but not enough. Set my alarm for noon the next day. Made a reminder to call the filmmaker in the morning. Wished I had an iron so that I could look presentable. Watched an attractive woman receive a parking ticket for 53 bucks. Noticed that there weren't many pigeons in the neighborhood. Listened to a defunct Los Angeles radio station that I use to love online. Decided to go to Sacramento tomorrow to crash a concert and party. Eunice said she'll drive. Lit a candle and burned some sage. Noticed that I don't have any clean underwear. Wished that I could dance hip hop. Reminded myself that I wanted to start jogging. Listened to Bob Dylan. Saw stars outside for the first time in a long time. Decided to call it a night."

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