Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Dreamers Dreams Come True

Tonight I had the opportunity to experience something that I have never experienced before...I was able to see first hand all of the excitement, blood, sweat and tears that it takes to create something beautiful and see it come to life. Even better, I was able to see it on the big screen.

There is a little known screening room on The Embarcadero here in San Francisco that is used for filmmakers, large and small, well known and not so well known to give first glimpses into what has often taken years to create so that they can share it with the world...or at least a small select group of people before the films are submitted to various film festivals for review. I walked to this nondescript location without a sign or an address even on the building with anticipation to see someone's baby...someone's creative joy...well...someone's entire being scrutinized on the silver screen. My name was on the guest list and I was excited...I felt important, even if just for a moment.

I spoke with the filmmaker, lead actor, editor, and director on the telephone a mere week before the screening and was impressed with her story and how similar hers was to least in philosophy. She spoke passionately about her work and why she needed to make this film...a film that told her story and one that I would later learn was to essentially incorporate her younger and unfortunately deceased brother's story into the dialogue. In a fictional conversation in the film, filmmaker Carissa Weir sums up what it means to live in the moment and to live life to the fullest. We only have one life..."this life is temporary" says one of the characters and it was clear that everyone in the audience was moved by this sentiment.

While the film was only 20 or so minutes in length, what was said and more importantly, what wasn't said was enough to invoke a sense of purpose that each and every member of the audience could understand. There was almost a feeling of envy by what Weir had accomplished because we all felt a connection but hadn't had the opportunity to be as vulnerable as to share it on screen like she had...or maybe it was just me because I identified with her story...I'm not sure.

I left the screening room feeling inspired...I received a special gift bag that was created for those who attended...There was a very cool T-Shirt with the name of the movie title on the front (Two Weeks From Monday) and the word "Crew" on the back. I'll wear it proudly and actually believe that I am now part of the least I would like to think that I am. Fear not...that's what I have learned tonight...continue to follow your dreams even if it hurts at times...and stay true to what is your purpose.

Thank you Carissa Weir for following your dreams and making a very inspirational film. I hope that you win many awards at the festivals and can't wait to see your next short and feature film.

...A Fan.

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