Sunday, January 10, 2010

Geary Street

I stood inside, looking out of the fast food, bulletproof glass window out onto Geary Street at the theatre,
Comedy, Geary, Tragedy it said and I laughed and cried at the thought of both, silently.

Cup in hand, just behind the front door, was a request and I didn’t want to help him fulfill it even though I could.
It seemed it was not real and just a fa├žade, oh the times, they are a-changing.

It’s that time of year, they said, even though the phrase had recently been banned from the Queen’s English
But I didn’t know this Queen as there hadn’t been a Queen of San Francisco since I could remember.

Modern signs, neon, begging, street sleeping, cupa, cupa, cupa, can you please just buy me a hamburger? 64 more cents and I can get the super burrito
50 more cents so that I can get drunk, can you help me?

Show playing across the street didn’t matter as most passed it by unnoticing, the Euro is strong and as long as it was, the City would thrive,
I’ll close my eyes and go back there, as I wasn’t born of this time.

Biscuits and Blues, forgotten by most but still part of the story, 3119 Filmore not gone but forgotten as well, still standing but selling rugs,
The reading at the 6th was something of the past.

Ghosts of culture past, lingering, blistering, beckoning, but not becoming of what the picture postcards,
Depicted of the streets of a City no more.

Protest through creativity is now taken to the streets and I truly wonder, which is the most effective, pop, pop, pop, it’s normal, quasi-radical
Same, karaoke, supermarket poster, I’ll sign your petition with indifference.

At least it was something, I forgot what it was that I was fighting for, passion, peace, peas, instant pleasure, go home to your wife, they are
Waiting there for you to do something, anything

Shirt and tie, not wrong just easy to get too involved, rush, rush to wherever you are going, you have bills to pay
Why else would I get up this early?

Eyes closed, I’ll walk home, it’s familiar and routine will follow, I just hope that I remember in the morning
What is right and where I am from, nay, what I have become

Rest easy I am sure, all is well, Ben and Jerry’s is on the corner at Ashbury and if you go up Haight
You will find retail, retail, resale, I’ll sleep easy even though it’s all gone

Sepia vision goggles is how I would like to view the existence of time travel and that corner where I’ll sleep
Just suits me, I’ll be fine.

I’ll live through picture perfect, picture present, presents under the tree and all is well,
Summer comes and a new tribe descends on the City

Looking for the same, days that have been lost under a vale of curiosity or normalcy,
Fishbowl, picture taking, it doesn’t matter, it thrives.

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