Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The present has become the past,
The future has become the present
And the wheel continues to turn
The pigeon on my stoop is a voyeur.

The pictures on my wall and
The chimera cigarette burns on the floor,
With the leftovers of you and your scent
Memories of my conformity.

Fear has become biblical and my home consequential
So I burn sage
Without reasoning but I was told to do such
Just in case.

Just in case the supernatural might smell
The incense of my sincerity
And of the ritual cleansing of my failure
Thusly expelling desire.

Born on the morn of a day
Only historical to me, taught me,
That my suffering can only be derived
From carnal desire to be free

Of suffering and of the strings
That attach me to shit that harms and is irrelevant,
To the community at large
Forging distraction and destruction.

I'm as pure as a misguided bhikku could be
Asking for nothing unless offered
Willfully accepting when given
And praying for contentment and rebirth.


  1. hey man, been a while since you last posted. hope spring is treating you good and you find that contentment and rebirth. masks, yes i know them well.

  2. lovely twists of time and words.

    enjoyed the imagery,
    Happy Rally.


  3. Very interesting piece, definitely one that makes you think. Also, loved the last line of your first stanza.

  4. so thoughtful! you might enjoy my latest:

  5. hey man thanks for dropping into friday poetically...hope you have a great weekend!

  6. You got it B! Been a little busy and distracted lately...trying to read and post more often now...Cheers!

  7. burning sage just in case? i've done that.
    i like your voice, good poem, just like it.

  8. Nathan, I like this poem very much. It expresses my sentiments. Time moves on, does not stand stil.

  9. I especially love your last stanza. Outstanding.

  10. amazing one..
    well done.

    come in if you wish.

  11. It is only parts of ourselves that we have to discard to achieve greater freedom. Roughly quoting Kahlil Gibran. Yes, we will get help in the process but we have to accept it as it comes to us.
    I agree with everyone who has said that the last stanza is the best. Powerful ending.

  12. Wow,Nnathan! You explored so deep spaces with this one. I like the mix of emotion, spiritual practice, and pragmatism. A compelling read.

  13. hmmm I enjoyed it all but most of all the section about conformity. Saying Adieu to whom we were or to what we were taught to be acceptable is tough but am unsure whether this change occured by choice or was it put upon. Enlightenment by default in some way hmmm is it true enlightenment, still and yet it happens, what truly matters I guess :)

    Enjoy the potluck!
    Here is mine:

  14. A++

    kindness is priceless.

    bless your day.

  15. i luvd d way uv described d whole transition alludin 2 d fact tht nuthin is permanent. Times change n so do things. A mngful poem i'd say.

  16. Lovely read.
    Really loved 'burn sage...just in case'.

  17. Backpack, I read your profile. Your writing tells me you've already found yourself. It took me fifty years to be myself. You're there early. Pack an extra pen and go enjoy yourself. The world you meet will know you're coming. Enjoyed the post.

  18. I really enjoyed this one. I too am praying for contentment and rebirth. Excellant work on this.

    my post was here