Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sometimes I wish that I still felt as I did in my youth, struggling for identity and acceptance but sill innocent nonetheless. This one is just for fun...


I was a punk
And now I am just a hipster, semi-wanderer
Who sometimes forgets youth
Those guys, I'm flashing back in time to, running around in circles
On dirt floors of the Seaman's Lodge in the hills
With trench coats harming no one but punching each other nonetheless

It was mad, innocent fun and the energy
Was something out of an indie film that my parents wouldn't let me see,
And that's why I liked it so much.
Anarchist sheaths who sat on the grass
Waiting for mediocrity and brilliance
A beat up bass amp used for a regular guitar instead.

Freedom and rolling and rolling down the slope
Like it would never end and there was no end.
I wished that I had a Mohawk
Or that I did drugs.
I wanted a nickname.

You can call me Smalls
Duct tape

I wanted a cigarette but I was scared.
The other 16 year old kids were doing it
But what would it mean for my soul?
I wanted to be remembered
But I was a good kid and rarely did anything wrong.

This was so un-punk.
The music squelched to deafening levels
And the circle of pseudo violence commenced again.
Yelling at my comrade for the night over the sweet noise
I said, “Punch me!”

Without hesitation, I flexed my stomach muscles
And with even less hesitation, he hit me in the gut.
I wheezed and he marched with a crooked smirk.
“Oh!” He yelled at my neck, “What was that for?”
“Punk rock, baby, punk rock,” I screamed back.

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  1. haha. yeah man...think we ran with similar crowds...was one of the long haired freaky people head banging the night away...i was 35 when i finally got my mohawk...still waiting on a nickname...smiles. this was fun.

  2. I liked this! A clever portrait of your lost youth, told very crisply.
    Nice to visit your blog!

  3. lovely.. mines here~

  4. Nice one. Honesty reigns supreme.

  5. times do change and grow. .. and i guess so do we.

  6. For sure Brian, I'm still waiting for my Mohawk as well....All in good fun and good music. Cheers.

  7. I liked the bit about wanting a nickname :) this was fun.

  8. nice - may i call you duct tape...smiles
    really enjoyed the poem...fantastic write nathan

  9. I think same in my head, you just wrote it down. Nice poem.

  10. Terrific-- I especially liked:

    Anarchist sheaths who sat on the grass
    Waiting for mediocrity and brilliance
    A beat up bass amp used for a regular guitar instead.

    Great job. xj

  11. Awards for you, thanks for the support!

    Share a free verse today,

    Bless your talent.


    4 hours before closing, welcome in, comment later.

  12. punk is good - still play my guitar like one

    nice write NF.