Sunday, April 17, 2011


With prehensile cognizance
I read the obituaries
And I saw my picture but
Didn't like the look on my face.

I didn't like the way that my eyes
Were squinting in the light,
Or the shirt that I was wearing,
The fact that I had conformed to a complicated life.

I was taught to be sensible
And nothing that I ever did would
Be considered sensible,
I was a rolling stone.

I didn't believe in god,
Slept in all day
Found beauty in the cracks
Laughed at silly liturgy.

I was on everyone's prayer list
I hated the smell of success
Voted for the rights of my brothers
A social outcast.

There was a crowd outside Green Street
At the mortuary and another across the way
With Guinness and bangers and mash and smiles
And I hoped to be there instead.

This must be heaven.


  1. this is TRUE poetry from a TRUE artist :)
    really enjoyed the read!

  2. I loved this. :-)

    "I didn't believe in god,
    Slept in all day
    Found beauty in the cracks
    Laughed at silly liturgy."

    Nice writing!

  3. ha...yeah i would rather be across the street...speak it man, this is tight...

  4. Really like this. A view that we might all hold true when it comes to our own death.

  5. Yes sir, thou art good! (takes a bow) :)

  6. You gave me reason to giggle. I like it.

  7. Good to know you're in heaven :)

  8. on everyones prayer list? haha! i like this! saves me time to pray lol.. my potluck..

  9. Love this rebel "rolling stone" who's found his way to his own special brand of heaven!

  10. Oh, count me in on the bangers and mash! I had that in Dundee with a couple pints and was in.... HEAVEN, no pun intended at first. :)

    Hope they use a flattering photo of me too in my obit. Maybe I'll choose it now. :) But fully intending on hanging around at least another 50 years!! At least. :)

  11. Yes! Let's ALL go across the street! Love this poem.