Monday, March 8, 2010



Reminiscent cold, nostalgic...uncomfortable
limbs on an old bodhi tree with translucent frozen stalactites
also hanging from a
youthful home.
The puddles that they formed when no one was looking
were my favorite
crept unsuspectingly in the day light
transformed again in the
Innocently unsuspecting of becoming
metamorphosis and
of the outcome.
I'm scared of reality and
tired of my fear of feeling
However, in the place way beyond Tathagata
transcends existence and it's where
we meet.
Goddess is called boo boo
and while it's cold it's familiar and comfortable.
If I wasn't dreaming of tracks and rails
a point on a map
what else would I live for?
A hint in the wind maybe?
Slithery rocks with moss only on the North side might point
the way.
But until then
I will
swelter the cherubs of dukkha
and meet you in that place where the sun parts from the clouds.


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