Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is a moment in time...a perfect moment in time when the sun peeks perfectly from behind the clouds and gives warmth for several perfect seconds. I have learned to live for these minuscule perfect seconds.

When the wind is blowing so quickly that the sun only makes a quick appearance before retreating beneath the clouds once again it's pure magic...I live for this perfect moment.

Like a madman...in these perfect seconds, I stare at the sky and let the warmth of the sun envelope me and embrace me because I know that the sun...the sun will never let me down...she will never leave me.

And in this perfect moment...today...in this moment a crow visited me...it had been years since I had last seen him. "Hello old friend," I said to him. He responded by screeching but I knew that he had understood...for it was he that was visiting me and not I visiting him.

The crow nodded his head up and down in an almost violent motion as he stood atop of the building in front of me...820 Post Street. I told him that I was impressed that he had found me since I hadn't sent anyone a forwarding address. I didn't want anyone to find me yet he did.

When he knew that I was okay...my grandfather who was just like me...is just like me nodded one last time and then flew away. "I understand" I heard the crow say as he flew off towards the sun and behind the clouds once again. Eyes watery beneath sunglasses made my vision blurry and the sun too bright doubled as if it had a twin.

Thanks for visiting me old friend...I'm glad that you can see me now.

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