Monday, March 1, 2010

Ashes to Ashes

Cigarette smoke lingering in your hair
detested by most but comforting to you,
you are strange like that.
You wore the color purple that day,
the day that you confessed and that same day

The marine layer was coming in and I warned you,
better get some's coming your way.
Even though the skies were blue,
you knew that it was coming and that just over the
horizon, near you, that you could see it coming too.

You told me that you now liked the color
green, more than
purple but were conflicted...
you wore green on your fingernails and
Purple on your toes.

You walk in your head,
you're always in your head aren't you?
she asked.
I imagine that you are and that's what I like
about you but, despite that...
I...became serious.

You have to let me go she said.
I'm not ready I said,
this has all happened so suddenly but,
it's not my choice,
I'll honor you.

The heavens began to rain and
I tried to catch the drops with my tongue
as if it were snowflakes like we, you and I used
to do when we were young

Shaking myself and
for the first time or at least that's how it
felt to me in that moment
I closed my eyes and I met you again in a whisper.
Come to me...

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