Friday, November 27, 2009

24 Hours to Go

It’s official now. I have my reservation number for my new storage unit to store all of my belongings for the big move tomorrow. I knew that this day would be coming, but I am actually starting to become somewhat emotional because I have been living in this apartment for almost three years, the longest that I have ever lived in one place since I first left my family’s home to go to college. I had a dream last night that I was sleeping in the sand on Baker Beach and it didn’t seem so bad. The sand there is grainy and dark but still has softness to it nonetheless. There were also large logs that resembled driftwood and were perfect for hiding behind to find some rest. In my dream, I waited until everyone on the beach had left and gone to their homes and the sun set before I searched for the perfect place to spend the night. I didn’t have a sleeping bag or a pillow, but I did have a small blanket that I used to shelter my body from the cold. Not worried about the sand getting on my clothes, I laid down on the ground, used my backpack as a pillow and covered myself with the blanket and fell asleep.

When I awoke from my dream the next morning, the experience didn’t seem as glamorous as when I was asleep. However, it wasn’t out of the question for me in case what little money I had left ran out.

I have pretty much packed up everything in my apartment and put it into storage. However, I only had a small window of time to get everything out and without a car, it was extremely difficult. It looks like I am going to have “donate” my television, my microwave and bookshelves. For Thanksgiving, I squatted in my apartment knowing that the landlord’s office would be closed for the holiday. Thankfully, I am currently in a neighborhood that is quite diverse and there were plenty of Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants that are open for dinner on most American holidays.

So there I was, sitting on the floor of my almost empty apartment, eating greasy Chinese food and watching old reruns of The Office. While it might seem depressing, I have to admit, I was completely content and did my best to enjoy every minute of it in my soon to be former home. 24 more hours and my new adventure begins.

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