Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The rain, oh, the rain -
An oxymoron, a synonym, another word
For sustainability and pain and
Inconvenience and the bearer of bad fate,
Ambassador of good news for someone else unknown.
On a park bench in the Embarcadero
With read and re-read copies of the Examiner
As intellectual property or comfort and shelter -
Lonnie was pissed that he had washed his belongings the night before
They were all soaked now and was shit out of something
Close to six bucks or a shower and a bed or a prayer
They were all worth about the same.

And I got kicked in the leg for sleeping outside of the Gap
By security, securing suburbia.

For One Shot Wednesday @onestoppoetry


  1. smiles. love the last line, which at first seems a toss in, in another comic relief but puts you right there...nice slice of invisible society

  2. Well I have only read one poem and I already like your to you in the city by the bay...bkm

  3. pleasant flow..

    wet and romantic despite the sadness..
    keep inspiring...

  4. "Lonnie was pissed that he had washed his belongings the night before" Great line that makes a smooth transition, and at the same time provides insight into scene before those last memorable lines where the speaker gets kicked. Nice write

  5. I enjoy the way you write. You paint a clear picture with your words

  6. vivid imagery, well done, keep it up.

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    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!

    Happy Monday,
    Bless you!

  8. Well. I see you are a neighbor.

    Fine poetry. Blessings ...

  9. ... and I can't imagine they're tolerant at the Embarcadero ...
    The transitions here are quite apt.