Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Head

My head,
You always live in your head she said.
But is it enough for you and what do you think
About the nonexistence of god?

Sun-kissed sky and crazy moon on the horizon,
Home foreclosures and pink slips,
Unemployment and homelessness
Feels like religion.

He held her life in his hands and gave
Her too much until she died in his arms
On the table of reprimand, and he questioned
His purpose and the control of a deity.

He drank, god how he drank
Because what the hell else could he do when the
Blame was his and he had no other existential
Way of non-feeling?

I felt longingly for his no-soul
To reach a capacity of unyielding
Acceptance of forgiveness and pure
Acceptance that he

Could accept the fact that the universe
Does what she does and it's often
Harsh and confusing and
Never about you.

He cried
He “messed up,” he said
I could have done something
I could have saved her

I could have...
I hugged him and told him that he was human,
That he was human, that he was human and
That the burden of existence and suffering

Is existence and to not take things too personally
Even when it is personal
And control is lost, and
You feel

You feel lost.

Humanity, humanity
in a box

It's a box filled with disappointment,

It's a box filled with first amendment and litigious rhetoric

It's a box filled with fear and self loathing and self doubt

It's a box filled with love and you are loved.

I gave him what I could that day
When he lost his faith and I told him about the loss of mine,
But not a loss of faith in him, and
In return he cried.

For One Stop Poetry: Congrats on winning the Shorty Award for Art!


  1. vivid and ..
    love your vocabulary,

  2. huh! heavy haha! thanks for sharing.. my potluck..

  3. This has extraordinary depth and emotion and truth. Rather a Buddhist edge to it. Looks like that's a subject of study for you. This is also so true to our times, but probably to all times. Well done. Most enjoyable read.


  4. Thank you Jamie, I definately have an affinity for Buddhism and sometimes it creeps up into my work without me even knowing it! :) Cheers!

  5. i am glad it does actually...while i am not practicing i think it has much to teach...and hey thanks for hte congrats as well bro!

  6. I live way too much in my head too. Nice One Shot.

  7. Wow... this gave me chills. Powerful piece pulling through harsh images, stunning questions.

  8. There is so much power in your poetry, and yet it is not are its master. Loved it!

  9. Thank you all so much for your comments! Cheers!


  10. Hi, Nathan!

    You are featured today on "Jingle Poetry, Sunday Rally Dispatch."

    Thanks again and best wishes,

  11. I so live in my head as well. Jamie introduced me to your blog, now I am a subscriber. I totally enjoyed the read and the interview, good luck with the book!

    Enjoy the journey!

  12. you are a tasty treat my friend...and adorable too! i'll b back for sure

  13. Thank you all for checking me out and reading the interview for jingle...Cheers!