Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slow Suicide

She has succumbed to slow suicide
And while it's conscious and contentious
The irony is that darkness is sustainable
Despite extraneous indications otherwise.

Her hair cut short with missing patches
Is only mere, visible confirmation
That without much noticeable gray matter left
She knows what she is doing.

Yelling at invisible nothings in the street,
Swearing under her breath to whom I fear is me
For not being willing to share something
That I do not possess.

I can't hate her because I am her and
We are one, we all are.
Medicated by media, by desire
By choices made to feel nonexistence.


Desperation and attack are sojourn
But worry that for others, it's simply too late.
A chronic itch in the eyes of the supervisors
Who only notice when the heater has stopped working.

Street sheets and shelters under sheet metal
Swept under the door, health care budget cuts
And another war, it's easy to forget, hell,
I forgot until it happened to



  1. whew...blistering flow...and sombre in the close...crasy world we live in...and i seem to slip further into it myself each day...

  2. Thanks for always reading is a crazy world but we are all a work in progress as well.

  3. Harsh world, sensitive poem, and you wrote it very well!

  4. sharp...

    poetic drawing on life, honest and powerful..

    we can face the music and still survive and live with dignity.

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. wow! this is nice!here's my potluck..

  6. Wow. This is intense. Very well written.

  7. That's a powerful piece. I'm looking back for lines I like to quote, and it's all of them. Kudos.

  8. A brilliant social commentary. Ordinary, everyday images used to convey a message that, in itself, is ordinary and every day... and that is the tragedy.

  9. Lovely work :)

    "I can't hate her because I am her and
    We are one, we all are"

    We are more the same than different, if we choose to notice.

    I quite like your work.


  10. A rather doom laden perspective - perhaps it's time to concentrate on the lighter side of life, and give yourself time to smile at something or somebody?!

  11. @Cad...I smile all of the time...but I like to write about what I see...and living in a large can see quite a bit of things that folks don't seem to want to talk about.