Thursday, August 11, 2011

San Francisco Values: The Movie

I have been away for awhile working on my very first film and it has been quite a ride. I would love for you all to check out the little teaser that we just cut which can be seen here:

Also, we have a Facebook fan page under the name, San Francisco Values The Movie so please "like" the page if so inclined.!/pages/San-Francisco-Values-The-Movie/245615538795361

Thanks for checking everything out and sorry for being away for so long.




  1. hey man congrats on the film def seems interesting...and a hot button topic...

  2. Wow, saw the trailer, Nathan - even this short gave me misty eyes. Can't imagine how I'll survive the movie, emotionally. I LOVE SF. I was raised in Orinda, now living in SoCal. Compared to SF, there is no "here" here in San Diego. My daughter lives in SF, soon to move south with her family. She also loves SF. Maybe I shouldn't tell her about your film (?). Nice work - it deserves to be seen.